Tithes, Offerings, & Donations
We believe the most important thing in anyone's life is to have a real relationship with a real God that cares about real people with real problems! 

                  Get real with us!

                  Real Faith.
                  Real Hope.
                  Real Love.


10:30am Worship, ConnectKids, ConnectYouth & Nursery ages 0-3

MIDWEEK SERVICE & Volleyball @ 6:30 pm

1st Wednesday- ConnectMen Bible Study 6:00pm
2nd Wednesday- Connect with Prayer 6:00pm
3rd Wednesday- ConnectWomen Bible Study 6:00pm​ ​
4th Wednesday - Connect with Praise & Worship 6:00pm​

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Palatka Church of God of Prophecy
Love, Truth, and Unity
Connect Church is a community of Christians in Palatka, Florida, whose collective purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through pursuing love, truth, and unity. Everything we do, from children’s ministry to outreach, from youth group to missions, centers around making disciples of Jesus by the evidence of loving others well. We are committed to growing in Christ through the gospel and to living our lives with purpose, vision, and hope. We gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am and all are welcome, so come as you are. Our worship strives to be welcoming and free while maintaining reverence and power. We are committed to expository, Christ-centered preaching with authentic and sincere worship. 
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